Wednesday, January 21, 2009


After picking my parents up from the airport, I quickly finished making a trolley for the kayak while they got freshened up. There was a very high tide today at 5:00pm, so at 6:30 there was still plenty of water over the oyster shells for a safe launch after a quick trundle down to the beach.

I went out about 100m, rounded the wharf and paddled into Island Bay (which completely empties on a low tide) and then back again. The boat was very stable but quite a lot of water came over the bow. A spray skirt will be necessary before I cross any rougher water. Also, the paddle could do with being about 200mm longer. I may achieve this by adding an aluminium section to the middle and making it a two-piece paddle.


DJamigo said...

Looking really good. This is the best looking Dart14 I have seen yet!

Happy Paddling

AnalogKid said...

Thanks DJ.

I must admit the paint scheme looks pretty snazzy, but only from a distance. I'm happy enough with the finish, but its really no masterpiece.