Monday, October 26, 2009

Coming Together

The Dart 16' design has a round bottom unlike the 14' single kayak, which is a shallow 'V'. To achieve this roundness it has a hog in the bottom, a sort of flat keelson that only runs from about one quarter from the stem to one-quarter to the transom. It caused much consternation because I couldn't decide whether I needed it and how to accommodate it with my previous building experience.

I'd made the hog out of 10mm pine. It is supposed to be half-inch (approx. 12mm) but I couldn't find that size of timber ready cut so decided to go lighter in the interests of keeping overall weight down. To compensate, I covered one side (that is now the bottom) with glass tape to help strengthen the wood and also prevent it from splitting as it is screwed in place under considerable stress.

As always, I should have just trusted my instincts and got on with the job. A tip from an experienced builder in Melbourne, Australia who knows the Dart 16' design clarified the process and as usual, once into the job, although strenuous, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. The tip came from the Selway Fisher Designs Builders and Sailors Yahoo Group, a valuable resource. Other such groups exist for many other designers that market to amateur home builders.

It's been a long weekend and I've also managed to make much progress in the landscaping of the garden and I've almost made an adjustable foot rest for the Dart 14' kayak. Photos to follow.

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Port Sorell build in NZ said...

Hi Andy... Jeremy here, thanks for your comment on my blog - didn't think anybody had looked at it! Interesting reading what you're up to - the kayaks look great. I was going to build a strip plank cedar sea kayak before starting the Port Sorell but decided on the boat as my next plan is a 1930's style mahogany inboard runabout in the style of a John Hacker boat... don't know if it'll ever happen but the experience with this one has been great! Just a thought I had in the night - would you like the frames and stuff for the Port Sorell - its a bigger boat than the Rhum, can be adapted for sailing and goes together pretty easily.... its all just sitting in my garage now and it would be a shame to waste it....