Monday, October 6, 2008

Photos from the Weekend

This is a giant weta. Its a fairly common group of insects in New Zealand, and this one, the biggest live one I have seen, had a body about 60mm long with antennae about 3 times that. It was hiding in one of the joints of the old pergola I took down. I'll have to make a pile of old wood nearby to re-home it.

Here's the trampoline that has taken over the garden...

...And this small pile of clay is covering the last part of the old concrete patio that the trampoline will be moved to. On the left you can just see...

...The monster pile of clay retained by the old pergola timber. There's just enough room left to fit the small pile in with this lot. The frame on the upturned table has rusted out and it will be going to the tip shortly.

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